Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Few Quick Thoughts

It's early on a Sunday morning, and I stayed beneath a mountain of blankets with my husband for as long as I could. Soon I'll have to brave the chilled, winter air to get ready for a busy Sunday, but for now, I'll remain comfortable in my sweatpants and Paris sweatshirt.

Justin and I are moving along with the process of purchasing a house. It's exciting and full of anxiety as we are not quite sure what will happen, when things will happen, or what we need to do. Still, it looks as though we will have the chance to move into our very own house in a matter of weeks.

We are so thankful for this, as we survived a fire in our apartment complex earlier this week and could not be more ready to get the heck out of here! We are also thankful for the move as we now have the opportunity to purchase our own washer and dryer, which is so exciting as we have spent over $10 each month on laundry in the apartment laundry facility. I am also thankful for all the furniture shopping I will get to do as I decorate and fill my very own house. And I get free reign on the decorating, which makes it even more exciting.

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