Saturday, December 13, 2008

Make This Go On Forever

Over the past week, I pouted a lot. Mainly, I pouted about the house that was not. I told people about this perfect house and all the great amenities. Then, I sighed and stuck out my lower lip to explain that the house was under contact by other buyers and that I cried over this. I am positive Justin loved being around me while I did this.

Yesterday afternoon, I left work a bit early. I grabbed two hot drinks from Starbucks, and then I made my way to a house in the Central Park addition of Oklahoma City. Looking at the pictures, we knew that the house had a lot of potential, and that the house also had the possibility of requiring a lot of time and attention. I'm a fan of any show on TLC, which drives Justin crazy at times, so I know how big of an undertaking it can be to flip a house. Because of my love of all things TLC, I also know that right now Justin and I are not prepared financially or otherwise to flip a house.

After walking through the home and peeking into the backyard, we decided that the house had a lot of potential, a lot of great quirks, but that we just weren't ready to take it on.

Our next house to view was in the Jefferson Park area of Oklahoma City. The price was low for the home, but my women's intuition kicked in and I just didn't feel as though this house had the potential to be our home. I felt chaustrophobic in the kitchen, and the floor plan was a bit too cramped for my style.

Next, we headed to the heart of the Paseo District to look at a house that I had counted out from the pictures I'd viewed online. Walking up to the front door, however, I began to notice that the pictures online did not do this charming 1,761 square foot home any justice.

We walked through the home, and I felt like I was in the house that I wanted to call and consider my home for a long time to come. The wood floors were in great condition. There was no real settling to be seen. The kitchen was updated. A brand new central air conditioning unit as well as central heater had recently been installed.

The house was dilapidated not too long ago, and someone bought it for a steal and flipped it. We fell in love with it, and I had almost decided that this was the house. We had one more home to view, and while I was 95% sure it wouldn't be a great fit, I went in with an open mind. Very quickly, though, we realized that the house in the Paseo District was where we wanted to be.

We met with our realtor at her office and began the task of signing paperwork, making an offer, and ultimately decided that we truly wanted to pursue purchasing the house in the Paseo District, with the understanding that we could possibly close in the middle of January and move in prior to Justin and I's belated honeymoon in Costa Rica this February.

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Cynda said...

That looks awesome! I love the kitchen bar. The first house made me nervous with that half bath and broken down garage. I think you guys will rock this Paseo house! Can't wait to see it for real!

And you picked a really cool area too, I'm moving to an apartment at NW 21st and Walker!